How to use the calendar integration in your sequence templates

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Amplemarket Team
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Amplemarket's calendar integration allows your prospects to book a meeting in your calendar. This way you avoid back and forth emails. It is easy to set up. Two steps - that is all it takes.


Note: If you already have a calendar link, you can jump directly to step 2.

Step 1 - Create your personal calendar link

  • Go to Account Settings
  • Select the Calendar tab
  • Launch the schedule editor
  • Create a new "scheduling page" and set up your calendar the way it fits your needs best.

Read this article for any questions about how to create a new calendar link.


Step 2 - Use the link in your sequence templates

After you created a calendar link, paste the link in the appropriate sender dynamic field in your account settings.


You can now use it as a dynamic field - {{sender.calendar_link}} - in the text editor when creating new sequence templates. There are two ways to use the dynamic field:

  1. Using the sender dynamic field: {{sender.calendar_link}}
  2. Selecting a few words and adding the sender dynamic field as a hyperlink (See below)





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