Best Practices creating Email Sequences

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Setting an email campaign is a task that has significant leverage, so you need to pay attention to a couple of aspects before triggering it.

When you upload your own csv always look into the following:

  1. Have you selected the correct csv ?
  2. Is the csv in the correct format and not missing any fields?

When you select leads from customer profiles:

  1. Did you select a customer profile that still makes sense?
  2. Is the customer profile aligned with the email sequence template?

When you are scheduling the campaigns:

  1. Have you set up the timing to go out correctly?
  2. Does the timing of follow-ups make sense?
  3. Should you add follow ups on weekends?

Finally review the campaign with the dynamic fields in place and make sure it works as expected. If you are comfortable with all these points you are ready to press Send Sequence.

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