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How it works

Integrating Amplemarket with Zendesk Sell helps your company make sure your sales representatives avoid contacting the same leads (or companies).

You can connect your Amplemarket account with Zendesk Sell by accessing the CRM Integration page. From the Amplemarket dashboard, mouse over the cogwheel on the left and click "Integrations", then select "Zendesk Sell CRM Integration" and click "Connect Zendesk Sell".

When you first connect Amplemarket with Zendesk Sell we will import your existing Zendesk Sell Contacts and Leads into Amplemarket's exclusion list emails to make sure you don't contact your existing customers or other leads you may currently be reaching out to outside of Amplemarket. Whenever a new Zendesk Sell Contact or Lead is created we'll also automatically add its email to the exclusion list (this is done periodically, roughly every 3 hours).

When sending out a sequence via Amplemarket we'll create the leads on Zendesk Sell if they don't exist yet.

Disabling data push to Zendesk Sell

You may disable our data push functionality in the Zendesk Sell integration page by clicking the red "Disable Data Push" button, if you see a green "Enable Data Push" button then the functionality has already been disabled and you can enable it again when you wish to.

Deleting the integration

If you want to disable the integration completely you can click the red "Delete Zendesk Sell Integration" button.

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