For non-native integrations: push data to your CRM via an automation tool

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For non-native integrations: push data to your CRM via an automation tool

Your outbound data can easily be pushed to your CRM by using an automation tool (e.g.: Zapier, Integromat). With this solution, your integration is totally customisable on your end.

This is also an alternative solution if you’re using a CRM for which we don’t offer a native integration (e.g.: Pipepdrive,, etc)


How to set it up? 

  • Please note that you need to be admin in order to set up your integration. Once turned on, it will apply for all users under your account.
  • The integration is not retroactive, which means that only new contacts will be pushed to your CRM once everything is setup. Hence, we advise setting up your automation before starting any sequences.


1- Go to your integration page under Account Settings.

2- Scroll down to "Other Integrations" and click on "Connect"




3- In this next page, you can select 2 options:


  • Push all new contacts - this means all the leads that have been added to sequences will be pushed to your CRM.
  • Push only contacts that replied - this means only the leads who have replied will be pushed to your CRM. As you set up your automated workflow, you will be able to push specifically replies with certain labels (e.g.: interested, not the right person...). 


4- Set up your automated workflow with an automation tool

You can customize your integration via an automation tool such as Zapier and Integromat. This way you can define what type of information you want to send from Amplemarket. We will be using Zapier for this example.

Watch the following video to learn how to set up the automated workflow with Zapier: 




Here is a link in case you want to copy that zap

Here is the structure of our JSON data to help you understand what you can send from Amplemarket.



Pull contacts to your Amplemarket's exclusion list

To complete this integration, you can upload to your Amplemarket's exclusion list a CSV file with the email addresses of contacts and organisations you don't want to be reaching out to in Amplemarket, for example: 

- existing customers

- unsubscribed leads

- competitors



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