What is a reply sequence template

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What is a reply sequence

A reply template is an email that is put into a repeatable format that you can send as a reply to the emails you’ll be getting. A reply template helps:

  • Save time, by not having to copy templates from other sources
  • Consistently use the best answer for each scenario.

By using templates you can take a data-driven approach to perfect the responses you should send in each situation. Further you can do this without losing the personal touch, by incorporating dynamic fields onto your template.

Understand the type of responses you get

If you use your inbox for cold emailing, then the type of responses you’ll be receiving will likely fall into 7 categories.

  1. Interested
  2. Introduction
  3. Forward to the right person
  4. Not the right person
  5. Asked to circle back later
  6. Not Interested
  7. Hard No

When you identify the responses you are getting you’ll be able to create templatized responses for the most common responses you receive. 

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