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When you start a new sequence using Saved Searches as the source of your leads, Amplemarket gives you the possibility to choose between two data quality options. This article walks you through the difference between the two options.

Each of these options will result in a different selection of leads from the Saved Search you selected. 

Which one should I select?

There’s no right answer. Depending on the industry, domain reputation, age of the mailbox the answer differs. By default, we believe that the Max Reach option is the most optimal choice to be able to reach out to as many prospects as possible.

However, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind while assessing which option to select.

  • DELIVERABILITY - If you are experiencing issues with the deliverability of your emails, you might want to select the Max Quality option until you are more confident about your email deliverability. The Max Quality option will keep the bounce rates optimal and help to improve your email deliverability. 

  • AGE MAILBOX - If you use a new domain or mailbox, you should be careful with the number of bounces and select the Max Quality option. Domains and mailboxes with a short history and suspicious activity in terms of bounces are more likely to end up in Spam.

Max Reach

Amplemarket aims for a ratio of 90% not-catch-all domains and 10% catch-all domains. Amplemarket is confident that we can deliver the large majority of the emails and adds a small % of leads into the sequence that cannot be verified.

We designed the platform in such a way that we want to give you the chance to reach out to prospects that are working for companies that have catch-all domains so that you have a larger total addressable market without compromising your deliverability. We do this by mixing up these leads with a majority of high confidence leads.
Amplemarket aims to safeguard your email deliverability. Therefore, we conducted extensive tests on bounce rates. Amplemarket’s data showed us that bounce rates up to 20% do not affect your long term email deliverability.  

Note: if your Saved Search contains a high percentage of catch-all domains, this 90% ratio drops to the number of verified leads we can import from the Saved Search.


Max Quality

The main email-domain of the company the prospect works at is not-catch-all. This means that Amplemarket is able to verify the email pattern of the prospect. 


Amplemarket is highly confident that we can deliver your email sequence to the leads imported in the sequence.


Note: this option does not exclusively contain verified emails and does not mean that your emails cannot bounce.


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