How to export leads to your CRM

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Amplemarket Team
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When you're browsing leads on Amplemarket you have the option to selectively export those leads to your CRM (currently available for Salesforce and HubSpot).


To do this you just need to find your CRM icon in the Searcher, Saved Search, List or LinkedIn Extension to export the data. You'll find the export button on the following places:


1. Amplemarket's Searcher

Just click the icon of your CRM and we'll send all the details from the Lead to your CRM.


(HubSpot users will find the HubSpot icon instead)


2. Inside each Saved Search or List

You have the possibility of sending individual leads to your CRM by clicking the icon.




You can send leads in bulk to your CRM, by selecting all the leads you want exported and then clicking the Export Leads button and finally select the icon of your CRM


Note: To export multiple leads, make sure you have multiple leads selected on the customer profile.


3. Amplemarket's Extension

When you're navigating leads you can also send leads directly to a CRM, by clicking the "view" dropdown, and selecting the tool you use. 


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