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You can upload lists of LinkedIn profiles to Amplemarket and enrich those contacts with missing information. You can then use these Lists to send a sequence.

In this article, we'll cover the following topics:

  1. Which information does Amplemarket require
  2. How to upload your List

1. Which information does Amplemarket require?

Amplemarket can help you enrich the list of LinkedIn profiles with the email addresses and respective information in the company you want to target.

  • In order for Amplemarket to be able to enrich those lists, the list should be uploaded in a CSV file format.
  • Besides that, you need to include a header named "linkedin" or "linkedin_url".

Here's an example:


Note: The remaining data on the file will always be kept and available to you as dynamic fields when you create a sequence. If you want to know how to use that in your emails, click here.

Amplemarket uses this column to map the contacts. The resulting List will contain all the leads that match the LinkedIn URL, plus the usual Amplemarket fields available on the Searcher (email, company, industry, phone number, etc).

2. How to upload your List

  • Hover over the magnifying glass icon and click "Lists". Or go directly to the Lists page here.

  • Click on the "Upload Leads" button (at the top right of your screen).

  • To upload a list of titles and companies make sure to select the File Type = "List of LinkedIn URLs".

Once you upload your CSV and click to create the List, you'll find it on the Lists page.

Note: Since Amplemarket enriches and validates all contacts' data, the List might take a few minutes to finish processing and become available.

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