How to start a new sequence directly from Gmail

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With our Chrome extension, Gmail users can start Amplemarket sequences directly from their inbox (to install or learn more about the Chrome extension, read this article).

Important Disclaimer: Starting May 8th, we've begun enhancing your experience by merging Sequence Templates into Sequences. This simplifies your workflow, letting you manage all Sequences-related activities in one place. Since this is part of a gradual rollout, you might still have Sequence Templates, in which you'll need to select it in Workflows. Rest assured, when this is rolled out to include you, your workflow will continue to work as expected.

Where do I find this option?

Open your Gmail inbox. Below the "Compose" button, you'll find Amplemarket's "Start Sequence" button (see image below).



How do I send a new sequence directly from Gmail?

1. Click on Amplemarket's "Start Sequence" button and the extension will appear on the right side of the screen.


2. Add the "To" field to reflect who you want to add to a Sequence. You can either start by cloning an existing sequence or start from scratch.

  • Clone an existing sequence: Quickly set up by cloning existing sequence stages and settings.
    • If you choose to clone a sequence, you'll get a list of your existing sequences. You can filter them by tags and see which sequences you're the owner of or ones that are shared with you.
  • From scratch: Start with a blank slate to create a fully customized sequence.

3. Select a sequence to clone if you chose to clone an existing sequence. The stages will fill with a replica of stages in this sequence. You can still edit dynamic fields and fill in the necessary data about the lead.


3. Double-check the content in your first touch and follow-up emails.


4. Send now or schedule the email sequence for another day!




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