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LinkedIn bulk actions offer an awesome way to create an even more personalized and automated sales experience. Visit a lead’s profile, like their latest post, follow them, or even send a message or personalized connection request. Let’s quickly learn how to use them!

A few things you should have ready to work with in order to take advantage of the magic of LinkedIn Bulk Actions:

  1. The Amplemarket chrome extension
  2. A sequence that is either in progress or scheduled to go out

 How to use them:

1. Go to your Sequences page. It’s the little paper airplane icon on the left side of your screen. 


2. Select a sequence that is either in progress or scheduled. Your LinkedIn bulk actions will happen as soon as you send them. 

3. Use either the contacts or remaining leads toggle to select the people you’d like to reach via bulk actions.* 


4. When you’ve selected the right people, click the 'actions' dropdown. In the dropdown you will see the option to execute LinkedIn actions. 


5. After selecting "LinkedIn actions" Use the box's dropdown menu to either visit the profiles of each person, like their latest post, follow, message**, or connect with them on LinkedIn. 


6. If you choose to visit their profile, a new tab will open and you’ll be able to track the bulk action’s progress. It will tell you how many profiles have been visited so far, in green text, and will tell you when they’ve all been visited. Important: Make sure you don’t close the tab until the box turns green! If you close it too soon, the bulk action will automatically be canceled. 


7. If you choose to message or connect with your selected leads, you’ll be prompted to create a personalized message. We recommend using the Dynamic Fields button to help! Dynamic Fields allow you to input information about the sender as well as the receiver. 


8. When you’re ready, click the blue box to complete the action.

9. Reap the benefits of personalizing your outbound sales approach!


And there you have it. Super simple, super effective way to connect with prospects using automated LinkedIn bulk actions. Let us know if you have any questions by reaching out to!

*If your sequence is in the scheduled phase, all of your contacts will be found in the remaining leads toggle. 

**You are only able to message direct contacts with the message bulk action. For new connections, we recommend using the 'Connect' bulk action with personalized connection message. 

Video tutorial

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