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Amplemarket allows you to enrich leads with new data when uploading leads to a List. These data fields are then available on Lists to be used as dynamic fields in your sequence templates.

Where can you find the option to enrich leads?

Amplemarket is able to perform lead enrichment with all types of List uploads. This is usually done by default, with the exception of the upload type via "List of email addresses". In this case, if you want to perform lead enrichment, you should select the option while uploading the leads (see image below).

Which data fields will this option add about each lead?

No matter the method you choose to upload the leads, the resulting List will always contain the same fields.



  • email (e.g. "")


  • email (e.g. "")
  • email_status (e.g. "verified", "guessed email", etc)
  • first_name (e.g. "John")
  • last_name (e.g. "Doe")
  • title (e.g. "CEO")
  • linkedin (e.g. "")
  • company_name (e.g. "Company 1")
  • company_domain (e.g. "")
  • company_size (e.g. "51-200 employees")
  • industry (e.g. "Computer Software")
  • location (e.g. "San Francisco Bay Area")
  • city (e.g. "San Francisco")
  • state (e.g. "California")
  • country (e.g. "United States")
  • company_linkedin (e.g. "")

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