When are labels applied?

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Amplemarket's AI model analyzes replies from your prospects and adds the respective label to that reply. This helps you and your reps obtain high-leverage insights in the performance of your cold outreach. Additionally, to help you prioritize the tasks in your email inbox, Amplemarket automatically creates labels in your Gmail inbox.


You can see the labels applied both in your Gmail as well as within amplemarket, there are 8 labels that fit 99% of the replies received when doing cold outbound.


How the algorithm makes a decision?

Amplemarket AI is trained on millions of sales emails that were individually categorized into 1 of the 8 sequences. So whenever you receive a reply the algorithm will make a prediction on what label this reply should have.


There are only 2 cases in which Amplemarket will not apply a label:

- The algorithm is confused between 2 tags and as such it is better for a human to look at the reply.

- There is a probability that the email reply is an interested. Because of this and the high value of interested leads it is better for a human to look at the reply.

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