Sequence Sending Windows

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When you send a sequence with Amplemarket, you select a sending window, or sending range of hours in which Amplemarket will dispatch your sequence.

There are a few considerations to take into account as you create and send/schedule your sequence, especially if you want to send it out on the same day.

  1. The sequence template timezone is dictated by the sender's timezone, set in the account settings. The sending range does not reflect the timezone of the lead.
  2. If you schedule the sequence before the sending window begins, it'll schedule for the sending window and start on the same day. For example, if your window is 8am-3pm PST, it must be before 8am for the sequence to go out on the same day in that window.
  3. If you schedule and start the sequence during the sending window, the sequence will start immediately. 
  4. If you schedule the sequence after the sending window has ended (say at 4pm, using the example in #1), the sequence will be scheduled for the next day.
  5. If you schedule your sequence to start at least one day out, it will send in the sending window as expected.

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