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Amplemarket contact data provided to our users through the Searcher is a unique patchwork stemming from multiple sources. We use a proprietary scraper, partner with multiple specialized data providers, and a portion is crowd sourced. By that we mean that our workforce and our users make our data better every day. 

Unlike other providers who refresh cyclically, the Amplemarket back end is constantly refreshing to ensure our users receive most up to date information. We update millions of company and people profiles every day, completing a full refresh cycle every few months. Additionally, anytime an Amplemarket user engages with a LinkedIn profile, that prospect's data is automatically refreshed in our system. 

Our profile data is now updated in quasi real-time – on average a profile will be updated on a matter of a few days. Previously, it could take up to 2 months. This brings an edge over any competitor, as no other platform is even close to how fast we are in getting up-to-date information!

A few second order effects:

  • Faster Job Change Alerts and Recent Job Changes signals
  • Way less occurrences of reaching out to people that are no longer at the company
  • Less hard bounces!

Another way that users make our data stronger is by helping provide human verified numbers for our Dialer. If a user marks a prospect’s number as a wrong number, that is reflected in the entire system.


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Please reach out to us at support@amplemarket.com. 

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