How to set daily LinkedIn action limits

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In your Account Settings, we recommend configuring automatic limits to the number of LinkedIn activities you execute per day via Amplemarket.

How to turn on and set your LinkedIn action limits:

1. Connect your LinkedIn profile to Amplemarket for this to work

2. Choose your LinkedIn account plan from the drop down menu (each will have different recommended limits)


3. Adjust limits as desired.

4. Remember to save your changes!

5. You can change your limits anytime.

6. Remember to stay logged into LinkedIn on your browser. If you log out your LinkedIn account gets disconnected from Amplemarket.

Why we set LinkedIn Limits

Amplemarket sets limits on your LinkedIn actions to mimic the amount of tasks someone would normally perform given their LinkedIn subscription. LinkedIn does not like the use of automation on their site, so we put these limits in place to avoid being 'flagged' for using automation. You may have noticed, in the above image, that there are three different types of LinkedIn subscriptions. Amplemarket provides pre-set recommendations depending on your LinkedIn account type.

  • Basic: 20 Connection requests & 50 Other actions
  • Premium: 20 Connection request & 100 Other actions
  • SalesNav: 20 Connection requests & 150 Other actions

These will help you to keep a healthy LinkedIn account and avoid any issues with LinkedIn automation flags/alerts. It’s important to note that if you are using LinkedIn outside of Amplemarket automatic activities, you should take those values into account when setting your limits. We understand that each Amplemarket user has different LinkedIn habits, so we provide the ability to alter the recommended limits to a maximum of 50 connection requests and 250 other actions per day. If you decide to set custom Linkedin limits it is important to make sure you are slowly building up to whatever limit you have set or you risk being 'flagged;. 

If you have any other questions about your LinkedIn limits, please reach out to



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