Workaround: LinkedIn-only sequences without email addresses

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Is it possible to run a sequence with LinkedIn steps only, if I don't have leads' email addresses?

In short, yes. We have a temporary workaround.

Right now, Amplemarket uses an email address as a contactโ€™s identifier when syncing with the CRM integrations. This is why we always request the email address to create new sequences, even if thereโ€™s no email stage.

However, you can workaround this to an extent. One way to add leads to a sequence without having an email address is add a unique fake email to each lead. For example, 

This isn't a permanent workaround, and we are discussing the opportunity to use a different identifier for a lead, such as a LinkedIn url. We'll share these changes as they become available, and you can always reach out to us for more information at

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