How to use the Contact's Profile Page

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What is the Contact's Profile Page?

The Contact's Profile Page displays all available details about the selected lead that was contacted in your Amplemarket sequences. Users with admin access also have access to leads contacted by all users and mailboxes.



You'll find information about:

  • The name, title, and contact information of the contact (email and phone number)
  • A direct link to their LinkedIn page
  • The contact's local time
  • The customer profiles they belong to
  • Detailed information about the contact's company
  • An overview of the upcoming and overdue tasks and an activity feed
  • The history of past and ongoing sequences with the mailbox used to contact the lead as well as the template used
  • Number of opened emails
  • The list of calls
  • The list of notes you've created

You'll be able to perform the following actions:

  • Call the contact
  • Create a note
  • Create a manual task
  • Add the contact (email and/or domain) to the exclusion list
  • Reveal contact information if not available yet
  • Start a new sequence
  • Mark the contact as completed, remove it from a sequence and edit labels 


How to leverage the Contact's Profile Page?

Here is a video to walk you through the new functionalities.

  • Collect more information on contacts and have everything available in one place
    • description of the company
    • notes
    • helps to prepare for calls and manual emails
    • information gathering for admins
  • Manage your lead's whole lifecycle from one page
    • Remove from sequence and add them to the exclusion list
    • Mark as completed and potentially add them directly to another sequence
    • Create one-off task and launch sequences from the contact page for optimal follow ups
    • Send a reply sequence when you have a new email response

  • Leverage information on the page to make strategic decisions
    • Edit sequence labels based on the reply
    • Local time available in case you want to spontaneously place a call, according to which stage in the sequence they're at


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