How to export leads from your competitors' LinkedIn ads

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Using the Amplemarket extension, you can extract leads from your competitors' LinkedIn ads--or any company's ads, even your own. Imagine being able to interact with the right leads at the right time--directly after they've interacted with your promoted content or a competitor's.

Logistically, this works slightly differently than when you extract leads from a regular post. In those instances, you can clearly see the number of interactions before exporting the leads. With ads, the level of interaction isn't shown as openly--but we can still get the leads! 

Here's how to do it. Or watch a quick tutorial from our team!

1. Choose the company who's LinkedIn ads you'd like to target.

2. Find that company on LinkedIn and go to their company page.


3. From the company main page, scroll down to the page posts, and find where it says 'See all posts.'


4. From this page, you can navigate to the company's ads.

5. Read through the ads to extract leads, and click the blue export button.


6. Filter the leads via title or by scrolling through one by one and curate your list.

7. Add the leads to Amplemarket and wait for the green notification letting you know you've successfully added the leads.


8. Access your leads by going into your Lists, under the Magnifying Glass icon.

9. Pair those buying intent signals with powerful messaging to create some legendary outbound sequences! 


As always, please reach out to us with questions about how to use this feature, or roadblocks you run into. Or even love for our product team! Email us anytime at



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