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Amplemarket's extension is your secret weapon for prospecting efficiently and creatively using LinkedIn. When you create your Amplemarket account, one of the key pieces of account setup is downloading the extension here, and then restarting your browser. Once you do, you unlock our favorite buttons: the Amplemarket shortcut 'A,' and the 'export leads' button. Both are powerful.


Simply stated, the Amplemarket A shortcut will open the extension and do one of a few different things:

  1. If you're simply on the home page, you'll see a welcome page with ideas for how to use the extension.
  2. If you're on an individual person's LinkedIn profile, you'll populate that person's profile information and you can either add them to a Customer Profile (like a lead list), or to a one-off sequence directly.
  3. From company pages, people pages, and events, you'll curate paginated lists of employees/attendees. You can filter these further on LinkedIn and then add them to an Amplemarket list. 

The 'export leads' button works for a few different pages: posts, groups, and company ads. It differs from simply opening the extension to populate leads, but in a way that benefits you! These are all 'endless scroll' exports, so you'll find the entire batch of people who interacted with a post or ad, or are a member of a group, with one click. The reason for this difference is simply the way that LinkedIn paginates things, and Amplemarket follows suit to protect our users' LinkedIn accounts when requesting data.

Here are some common use cases for the LinkedIn extension, with instructions on how to do each yourself:

  1. Craft relevant and timely messaging by exporting attendees from a LinkedIn event
  2. Do some 1-1 prospecting by visiting a LinkedIn profile and adding the lead to a Customer Profile or Sequence.
  3. Leverage buying intent signals by prospecting from your competitors' ads
  4. Merge your Sales Navigator prospecting flow with the LinkedIn extension
  5. Up-level your personalization with LinkedIn voice messages
  6. Request to join a community group that is relevant to your industry or ICP. When accepted, go to 'see all' members of the group, and then 'export leads.'
  7. Type any relevant search term into LinkedIn and then filter results by post. If you find one with great interactions, monitor it for 24-48 hours and then export the leads who liked and commented!

Extension not working for you? Our most common fix for the extension acting funky is to remove and then reinstall it from your browser. Additional troubleshooting tips found here! If this doesn't seem to solve for it, email our team directly at






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