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Your Amplemarket Safety Settings can be configured by any admin and are applied to the whole organization when performing engagement activities.


They are designed to apply best practices of outbound volume and frequency to all of your users to avoid domain damage and sales faux pas.

Safety settings are broken into two sections:

  • Total leads per sequence
  • Recently contacted

Total leads per sequence is the maximum number of leads that can be added to a single sequence. Your team can set a custom value from 1-2000 for this setting. New Amplemarket accounts have their default set at 500 leads per sequence as the maximum, to reflect our best practice recommendation. In general, we recommend keeping sequences smaller to no more than 100-200 leads, and using them as an opportunity to complete some A/B Testing. Large lead sequences have a tendency to drag on for a long period of time, and do not allow for fast iterations/dynamic changes for optimization. 

Recently Contacted is the setting that prevents prospects from being added to sequences in Amplemarket too often. The default for this setting is 3 months and this is what we have found is best practice. What this duration means is that if a lead is contacted within the last 3 months, they will be excluded from being added to a sequence.

While this is useful to prevent reaching out too often to a lead and letting things cool down, we’ve found this setting to be most useful with sales teams with multiple individuals to prevent more than one team member reaching out to the same lead and stepping on each other's toes!

That being said, all industries are different, and you should feel comfortable changing this duration to one you feel best supports your use case/ABM approach.

Tip: You can override the 'recently contacted' safety setting when creating a sequence by unfurling the advanced settings:

A great use case for why you would want to turn this off is if another department, such as Customer Success, uses sequences to reach out to new customers and they could be receiving multiple sequences as part of an onboarding flow.

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