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Amplemarket Team
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There are two possibilities for how you might create your user account in Amplemarket.

  1. If you're a new Amplemarket customer/team (welcome!), a contact from the Customer Success team will email you directly with an invitation link. You can click this link and you'll be prompted to create your user account. 
  2. If your team already has access to Amplemarket and you're a new user, an admin can invite you from Account Settings --> Users in their Amplemarket account.


A few notes on account creation:

  • The first user from a team who creates their account will be considered an admin user
  • When the first user creates their account, they will be prompted to add a credit card on file. You will NOT be charged when doing this; it's to keep on file for renewal purposes and upgrades down the road.
  • After the first user has been created, all additional users will be created as 'Sales rep' users. An admin can change rep user account types to admin by going to their Account Settings --> Users --> use the dropdown to change status, then save.




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