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Job Change Alerts (JCA), also known as Contact Tracking, helps you track customers, advocates, and key prospects career moves and promotions needed to build pipeline, grow revenue, and reduce churn. The event of changing job is a great signal, because: 

  • On average, 20% of your contacts change jobs every year
  • A job change is a significant event for a lead
  • A job change is a time when executives will assess their tech stack

Tracking job changes for relevant contacts will allow you to reach-out to high qualified leads at a very relevant moment. 

Use Cases

  • New Business Acquisition: Make the most of your positive customer relationships and bring in new business by:
    • Re-engaging with former champions (decision-makers)
    • Reaching out to past product users (for warm introductions)
    • Following up with old qualified leads at new companies
    • Following up on account-based efforts when gatekeepers leave the organization
  • Churn Prevention: Deploy churn or expansion plays proactively by collaborating with customer success when you see: 
    • Product champions leaving the account
    • A new executive joining the team
    • Former champions or users joining the account


  • Tap into customer relationships: Bolster your pipeline with former champions and users who will help your business expand.
  • Accelerate sales cycles: Skip the exploratory calls and leverage existing contacts to connect with key decision-makers.
  • Save time on manual research: Automate your contact tracking and get instant updates straight to your inbox.
  • Automate outreach: Launch personalized sequences to congratulate your prospects and ensure that you're top of mind in their future decision-making.

How does it work?

After setting tracking for relevant contacts of your choosing, Amplemarket will monitor their career moves. When a contact makes a move, you will receive an email alert and have the option of engaging with them to accelerate your sales cycle and create new conversions.

Enable Job Change Alerts

This is a premium add-on product. If you would like to enable this to your Amplemarket plan, reach out to support@amplemarket.com.

Once the Amplemarket team enables access to Job Change Alerts, you will need to set up tracking for the relevant contacts, so Amplemarket can monitor and communicate to you their career moves. 

Setup Contact Tracking

There are several ways to find contacts to set up a track. The different method depends on the business requirements. You can set up the contacts to be tracked via: CSV Upload, through Salesforce/Hubspot Native CRM Integration and it is also possible to track contacts using the Searcher.

CSV Upload

  1. Login in to your Amplemarket Account
  2. Click Account Settings in your left sidebar
  3. Click Job Change alerts under System Preferences
  4. Click the Upload List button under Job Change Alerts list

πŸ“ Important Notes: 

  • The file being imported needs to have a column named email
  • We highly recommend specifying a tracking_label column to categorize the tracked contacts. This is very important to separate different tracked audience tiers and engage each with specific plays.
  • We highly recommend including a LinkedIn URL in the CSV file. We'll use this as a fallback in case we can't find the email associated with the contact.
  • The file can contain other columns as well, which will help enrich your information (e.g., first_name, last_name, linkedin_url, company_domain). You can download a Download Sample File

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 11.32.02.png

CRM Native Integration (Salesforce/Hubspot)

  1. Login in to your Amplemarket Account
  2. Click Account Settings in your left sidebar
  3. Click Job Change alerts under System Preferences
  4. Switch to Enable the option to pull contacts from Salesforce to the job change alerts list
  5. Select contacts to track based on a Salesforce contact field and its according values. Field must be of the "Picklist" type.

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 11.33.31.png

Amplemarket Searcher

  1. Login in to your Amplemarket Account
  2. Access the Searcher (by clicking the Magnifier Glass on the left side bar)
  3. Filter our Database with relevant filters aligned with your ICP
  4. Select the 'People' you wish to track
  5. Click the button Track Job Changes
  6. (Recommended) Select a Tracking Label 

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 11.35.02.png

Start Lead Generation with JCA

After setting tracking for your relevant contacts, next step should be creating your list of leads to have them available for sequencing. To accomplish this you need to create a Saved Search.

  1. Login in to your Amplemarket Account
  2. Access the Searcher (by clicking the Magnifier Glass on the left side bar)
  3. Under Intelligence, you will find the Job Change Alerts filter, you should click on it, and choose from the available options:
    1. Filter Contacts Tracked based Changed Job, Were Promoted, Were Updated
    2. Filter Contacts according to Change Detection Date: Current Month, Last 3 Months, Last 6 Months
    3. Filter Contacts based on the Previous SFDC Account Owner
    4. Filter Contacts based on the assigned Tracking Label
  4. When you are ready click Save Search
    1. Name your Saved Search (we recommend including a convention to allow you to easily search for these lists
    2. (Optional) Create a Specific Tag (ie. Job_Change_Alerts)
    3. (Optional) Enable the option of sharing the saved search with your organization
    4. Manage your Subscription options:
      • Enable 'Alert via Email' to ensure you receive regular email updates when new leads surface. Set the desired frequency from Weekly to Monthly

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 11.49.14.png

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 11.54.34.png


πŸ’‘Best Practices/Pro Tips

  • Leverage on tracking labels to identify your tracked contacts personas (ie. admin, primary contacts, users, etc)
  • The more contacts tracked, the better chances of getting more volume of leads. At Amplemarket we see 1%/2% of contacts tracked changing jobs every month. 
  • Separate in different lists Job Changes vs Promotions. You can be even more personalized in your contacts by leveraging this information.
  • Don't forget setting email alerts to ensure you will get notified of new leads ready to be contacted. 
  • Leverage specific and unique Dynamic Fields to JCA when writing your email messages. When a job change or promotion is detected, there are a number of unique fields that we collect. We recommend using them as dynamic fields to create hyper-personalized emails or LinkedIn messages to engage with contacts tracked.
    • {{CT_previous_company}} - company where the contact was working before the job change
    • {{CT_previous_title}} - job title the contact had before the job change or promotion
    • {{CT_detection_date}} - date/time of the job change or promotion
    • {{CT_tracking_label}} - label that can be set in the contacts that are tracked
    • {{CT_tracking_change}} - boolean field (i.e. true or false); if true, the contact changed jobs.
    • {{CT_tracking_promotion}} - boolean field (i.e. true or false); if true, the contact was promoted.


If you have more questions about email authentication reach out to support@amplemarket.com.

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