Can I edit a sequence?

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Francisco Horta
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If your sequence is already running and you want to make some changes, you can do so. There are some limitations and nuances depending on your sequence being scheduled, active, or completed. Here are the things that can and cannot be edited, and what to expect upon saving those changes.

How to edit a sequence

To edit a sequence that is scheduled or active, click into the Sequence and select edit on the top right corner. When you're done editing, remember to save your work.

When and how can a sequence be edited?

If sequence is... Edit sending window? Edit content? Remove individual leads from the sequence? Tasks converted to autopilot or to manual? Add additional steps in between stages? Edit amount of leads added per mailbox per day? Edit amount of days between stages?
Scheduled Yes Yes Yes No No--but you can add additional steps onto the last stage of the sequence Yes Yes

Active (ongoing/currently running)

Yes, but--if you edit the sending window on an active sequence, it's possible that the system will reset your leads for the day and push everything to the next sending day. Yes, but--you can only edit sequence content for stages that have not populated and have not begun. Once a lead is active in that stage, it can no longer be edited. Yes No No--but you can add additional steps onto the last stage of the sequence Yes, but--it will take effect not on the present day, but the next day of scheduled sending. You may see progress pause and resume the next sending day. Yes, but--this will not push things to populate on the same day it is edited. Expect changed days between steps to populate on the next sending day.
Completed No No No No No No No

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