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An account based selling strategy flips the sales funnel upside down by focusing on a small number of high value leads or companies that will bring in a greater ROI. 

In this article we will take you through how to implement an Account based Selling Strategy using Amplemarket. Below we have an example: 



Using the Searcher

In the Searcher select the "companies" filter and input the domain names or LinkedIn URL's of the companies you would like to target. From there all the leads populated will be employees of the companies listed.


You can also file down your search further by using the title filter included in the Searcher. For instance, you can head to the "titles" filter under the "person" tab and type in an individual or multiple keywords that may be in a particular leads title. These should be filtered based on who in the company you would like to contact (e.g. Sales, Revenue, Growth, etc.)



After including the titles of the leads you want to reach, you can also add a filter based on their seniority in the same tab. Typically it is best practice to go after the decision makers in the company who can be directly responsible for adding you service to their company. Seniorities such as manager, head, and director are all good positions to connect with. 



There are many other filters you can use to further filter down your search to reach your ICP such as the location, industry, company size, etc. 


Sequencing the Leads 

When you have finished creating your Saved Search with the Searcher, you will begin your sequence. Best practice for an ABS approach calls for a very personalized message due to the fact that these prospects have a chance to generate greater ROI than an ordinary lead. With this in mind it may be a better workflow to only sequence a few of these leads at a time. You can select the specific leads you want to sequence by clicking the box next to their name or you can select the entire Saved Search by clicking in the box at the top. 






After selecting the leads you are going to sequence apply the sequence template you wish to use. We recommend using a template that has mainly manual steps to make this outreach the most personalized it can be. 
To create a sequence template with primarily manual stages, simply select Sequence Templates from your home page and click "New Template" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. On this screen you can, name the sequence, set the sending windows, choose to share the template, etc. After filling out your settings, scroll down to create the different stages of your sequence. You can choose between a number of options for each stage including multiple LinkedIn steps, generic tasks, phone calls, or emails. To make an email a manual task, use the slider that says "automatic" and switch it to off.




When the tasks for these sequences populate, it is best to pull up the Amplemarket hook which will allow you to see more about the the individual you are prospecting. 



You can see in this view the ability to visit the leads LinkedIn using the Amplemarket extension. When viewing their page, look for interesting topics you can use in your sequence. For instance, if they are attending a conference you have been to before you can use that as a conversation starter before getting into the main reason for your email. 


If you have any questions on how to set up an account based selling approach, contact your customer success manger or reach out to us via email to


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