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What are LinkedIn monthly search limits and how to avoid reaching the limit? 

A LinkedIn Basic account offers monthly free searches but, based on your activity, LinkedIn will calculate if you’re using your Basic account for recruiting or generating leads, since LinkedIn has Premium account plans for that: Premium Business, Recruiter and Sales Navigator.


How does LinkedIn know if you are recruiting or generating leads?

Essentially, LinkedIn will see what kind of activities you’re running, and the limit will be calculated based on that, i.e.: Are you visiting a lot of non first-degree connections? Are you searching outside your network? Are you searching for employees of a specific company?

As you approach your free search limit, a warning will be displayed, but LinkedIn will not tell you the exact number of searches or views you have done, or you have left.


How to avoid reaching the limit? What happens if you do reach this limit?

If you reach the search limit, you won’t be able to perform any searches until the beginning of the next month, unless you upgrade your LinkedIn plan.

So here is our pro-tip to avoid reaching this limit: filter, filter, filter. Qualify your leads as much as you can before exporting them to Amplemarket.

When exporting from a LinkedIn attendees list, you can use LinkedIn search parameters to filter the results based on Industry, Location, Experience level, Title, just to name a few. When exporting from a post, an ad or a group members’ list, you can use Amplemarket's extension filters to filter by keywords in the title.

We recommend a maximum of 1000 searches a day.
If you haven't been using LinkedIn a lot recently, it's important to warm your account by slowly increasing your LinkedIn activity.

If you have a LinkedIn Basic account, you can export up to 1000 leads at once; and if you're using Sales Navigator, you can export up to 2500.

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