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Amplemarket has a handful of limits that are in place to protect our users from slowdowns such as: Getting flagged as spam by email providers, being caught using automation on LinkedIn, and potentially driving away leads. in this article we will go through all of the limits on Amplemarket and why they are in place. 


Admin Limits

There are a handful of limits that can only be set and changed by the account administrator and these limits apply to every user on the account. These limits can be found in the account settings page under "safety settings" and are: 

Total leads per sequence: This limit is exactly what it sounds like, It controls the max amount of leads that can be added to a single sequence and it maxes out at 2,000 people. Our internal recommendation is to set a maximum of 500 leads per sequence. 

Recently contacted: The Recently contacted limit can be set anywhere from one to eleven months and controls how long leads stay in the recently contacted list. Leads in the 'Recently contacted' list will be automatically taken out of sequences unless you disable the feature when setting up a campaign. As a best practice, we typically have this set to 3 months. 


LinkedIn Limits

The last type of limits we have are LinkedIn limits and these can also be found in your account settings page under "LinkedIn settings". The two limits we have are: 

'LinkedIn connections': Which sets the amount of connections you can make. 


'other actions': Which Includes anything other than connections, such as liked posts, profile visits, messages, and follows. 


Both of these limits have preset recommendations based on what type of LinkedIn plan you have (Basic, Premium, and Sales Navigator), but can also be adjusted from 0-50 for connections and 0-250 for other actions. These preset recommendations can be put in place easily by simply selecting your LinkedIn plan in your 'LinkedIn Settings'. We place these recommendations, and suggest you adhere to them, so that LinkedIn does not detect automation on your account and suspend your account. For more information on LinkedIn limits, visit our article on LinkedIn's Monthly Search Limits

If you have any questions about Amplemarket and our sending limits, please reach out to 

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