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Managing you tasks is a crucial step when sequencing a lead list, if you do not execute these tasks on time it will drag out your sequences and you may lose the interest of a potential client. In this article we will take you through the best way to manage your tasks on the tasks page and when setting up your sequence. 

The Tasks Page 

The tasks page is split up into four different tabs: Due, Upcoming, Deleted, and skipped. 
The due page tracks all overdue tasks and tasks that should be done on that specific day, these tasks are broken down into two categories: Automatic and Manual. 
Manual tasks are identified by the letter 'M' on each task and all of the others are automatic tasks. In addition to the letter 'M' signaling these manual tasks you also have the ability to filter by the type of task on the right side of the page. 

Managing Automatic Tasks: Automatic tasks are executed during the day, as long as you fulfill the requirements outlined in LinkedIn Automated Tasks. The current status of the execution is displayed in a badge on the top right corner. However, you can always select those tasks for manual execution, by selecting the task or tasks you would like to execute and click the "Execute" button. A pop-up will appear to let you convert those tasks to manual, and then let you execute them right away.

Managing Manual Tasks: Manual tasks require you to go to your tasks page, select the task or tasks you want to complete, and the Amplemarket hook will appear next to your browser window. The most effective way to utilize manual tasks is when sending an email or LinkedIn message to a lead. This gives you the opportunity to research the lead's LinkedIn page and hyper-personalize your message and show them how important they are to you. 


When this hook appears you will have to craft a message to send out to your lead and after clicking "send", the hook will bring up the next manual task that needs to be completed. 


Skipping Tasks to keep Sequences on track

When setting up a sequence, you may notice that we give you the option to skip tasks in certain situations to keep the sequence running at the pace you set.


Sequence Settings: When setting up your sequence you can navigate to the "Settings" tab. In this tab you can choose to skip tasks when there is missing data or if an automatic task fails to execute.



  • Skipping a task that is missing data: Sometimes people run into instances when they do not have enough information on their lead so the task can not execute. For example, if you are running a LinkedIn action and don't have a leads LinkedIn URL, the task can not execute and will be skipped if this setting is enabled. 
  • When an Automatic task fails to execute: Automatic tasks can fail to execute for a number of reasons, such as a lead having their LinkedIn settings require others to input their personal information to send a connection request. It is best to keep this setting enabled so your sequence doesn't stall when running into an issue like this. 

Stages of your Sequence: Each stage of your sequence will give you the option to skip that task after a certain number of days, that is set by you.



The ability to skip a tasks can be useful in a few ways. If you have the advanced settings, mentioned above, disabled then the ability to skip the task when overdue by 'x' amount of days will overwrite those settings and skip the task. These are also very useful if you forget about sending your manual emails. Obviously the best case scenario is to send out all of your emails and tasks on time, but we understand that people forget. If you do happen to forget to send a manual task, then the site will automatically skip the task so it does not delay the sequence any further. 

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