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The account settings page has a number of tabs where you can edit settings and information for your account, one of these is the Credits and Billing tab.

Keep in mind that this tab is only available to view from an Admin account, if you would like Admin access contact your current Admin and they can change your status in the 'Users' tab. 



This credits section of this page will tell you how many credits you have used as well, how many you have left, and how many credits you use on average per month. This applies to email and phone credits as well as contact tracking and competitive intelligence, if you have those features on your account. 



The Billings section of the page allows admins to edit their accountโ€™s billing info for payment & invoicing purposes as well as view their previous invoices. The list of items that can be edited in this page are: 

  • Company 
  • Billing Email
  • Tax ID
  • Address
  • ZIP/Postal code, city, and state 
  • Country 



If your account has a credit card associated: Stripe - our payments supplier - charges your account automatically and no invoices are sent by email. Your admin account can find all of your processed payments and invoices from your Amplemarket dashboard > Account Settings > Credits and Billing.


If your account doesnโ€™t have a credit card associated: Stripe will send an invoice by email but will not automatically charge your account. You need to manually pay the invoice, by inputting the payment information, everytime they get an invoice. If you want to add and/or update your credit card your admin account should go to Amplemarket Dashboard > Account Settings > Credits and Billing.

If you have any questions about your credits and billing page, please reach out to


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