Troubleshooting Automatic Linkedin Tasks

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Amplemarket provides the ability to run LinkedIn tasks on the users behalf so they can save time. From time to time these actions may fail, when that happens, this tasks will either be skipped or converted to manual depending on that particular sequences settings. This article will take you through each of the reasons why these tasks failed and some steps that can be taken if they are converted to manual tasks. 

Task failures

Connection Requests: A connection request may fail depending on the leads LinkedIn settings, there is a setting that requires others to submit the leads email address when sending a connection request. If this is the case and you have the leads email address (The one associated with the LinkedIn account) you can manually submit the request or skip the task.


Like last post: The most common reason this task will fail is that the lead has not made any posts on their account. If this is the case feel free to skip this step as it can not be executed manually either.


Message: There are two main reasons that LinkedIn messages could fail. The first being that you are not currently a first degree connection with this user. If you are using Inmail and the message still fails, it is likely that you have run out of Inmail credits. For both of these instances you would have to manually submit a connection request and resend the message or you could skip the task altogether. 


Tasks skipping with "convert to manual task" option checked: We have a series of β€œtask failed reason” where we automatically skip it regardless of the user configuration, such as a LinkedIn message task that failed because it was not sent to a first degree connection. The reasoning behind this decision is: converting it to manual would create an unnecessary backlog of tasks to be manually executed since you cannot send a message without having the connection.

This happens in the following scenarios:

Like post task -> post already liked, post not found, post out of the date range
LinkedIn message task -> not first degree connection, not enough credits, LinkedIn ID changed

Voice message: Similar to an ordinary message, these tasks will fail if you are not already a 1st degree connection with the lead. To execute this tasks you would have to manually submit a connection request and resend the message. 

If you notice that all of the tasks LinkedIn tasks from a particular sequence are failing, check into the customer profile and click into a few of the leads LinkedIn URL's. We have noticed that when all of the tasks fail, it is often because the links to the leads LinkedIn profile are incorrect. If this is the case you will need to find the proper links from whoever gave you that lead list and re-sequence them. If you can not find the correct links, we suggest that you disable the LinkedIn steps for the sequence and let it run from there. 

Error messages

If the extension runs into some problems, it will display an error message that should aid you in discovering and fixing the cause. Some examples:

  • "We couldn't automatically execute your LinkedIn tasks because you're not logged in to LinkedIn. Log in here to kickstart the execution" - The first step is ensuring you are logged in to your own LinkedIn account in the website. Clicking the link in "here" should direct you to the LinkedIn web page.

Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 17.58.26.png

  • "We couldn't automatically execute your LinkedIn tasks because you haven't connected your LinkedIn account to Amplemarket. Connect here to kickstart the execution" - You should also ensure that your Amplemarket account is connected to the LinkedIn one. The link in "here" will take you to the settings page where you can link them together.



  • "We couldn't automatically execute your LinkedIn tasks because the Amplemarket extension is missing. Install it here to kickstart the execution" - Finally, the Amplemarket Hook extension should be installed and active.


Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 17.30.33.png


Other problems

Extension seems "stuck" and not completing the tasks

It may happen that the extension reports that it has tasks that it will execute, but takes a long time to do it, and remains in the same number of completed tasks.


Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 17.56.00.png

The most common reason for this behavior is that the tasks still pending are about leads that are in a different timezone than your own (and the Sequence settings are set to respect the lead timezone). If the execution should proceed regardless of the lead timezone, you may change the Sequence settings as outlined in Managing your Tasks.

Other possible reasons for your automatic tasks not being executed can also be in your own timezone or delivery schedule configuration. Both of these settings can be changed via the Settings.


If you have any questions about LinkedIn automatic actions please reach out to 


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