How to assign an existing seat to a new user?

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If you're re-allocating a contracted seat to a new user, you have two solutions: 

  • Change the logins, mailboxes and user dynamic fields on the existing account to the upcoming user
  • Create a brand new seat and delete the old one in the "user" tab of your account settings so you align with the number of contracted seats on your account


If you choose the second option, make sure to:

  • Complete all sequences on the account to be removed

  • Share all their customer profiles and sequence templates

  • Set up an email forward in order to receive potential replies from leads they contacted

  • Export sequence statistics from the sequence page so you don't lose this data

Please note that the sequence stats of the revoked seat (number of leads contacted, stats on sequence templates, open rates, reply rates etc...) will still be counted in the report page. We will also keep track of their contacted leads in the contact page. You will also still have visibility over their completed sequences (accessible from your sequence page).


If you choose the first option, make sure you're replacing the user dynamic fields in the account settings and be aware that the overall stats of the old user will be mixed up with the new user.


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