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Amplemarket Email Warmup is Amplemarket’s delivery optimization service that helps you build, protect and optimize your email deliverability.


How it works

Amplemarket Email Warmup will automatically start and reply to multiple threads on your behalf. 

We created a network of accounts that will do automatic warm-ups, for example, once a week we will make sure your mailbox email addresses exchange emails with other members of the network by randomly creating a limited number of threads between these members. After the thread is started, each recipient will in turn reply to the thread. The thread may reach up to 8 replies in total.


When to use

  • Build Reputation for Recently Created Domains/Mailboxes: Email Warmup is a safe way to start building a good domain reputation. Recent created domains/mailboxes are more exposed to deliverability problems because they lack history or reputation. Email Warmup automatic threads will show to mailbox providers there is activity happening in that mailbox. 
  • Protect and Maintain Domain Reputation for older Domains/Mailboxes: for older domains and mailboxes, Email Warmup will help you maintain and protect good domain/mailbox reputation, by giving your domain/mailbox a chance to even out its sent-received ratio alongside your sequences.
  • Damage Control for Domains/Mailboxes flagged as SPAM: Email Warmup, alongside other deliverability best practices, may help you recover your domain reputation faster in case your domain/mailbox is flagged as spam.


Enable Email Warmup

  1. Login in to your Amplemarket Account
  2. Click Account Settings in your left sidebar
  3. Click Email Warmup under User Settings
  4. Switch it on to Enabled in WARMUP Column

Note: If you are a Gmail user, you will need to connect SMTP/IMAP account, before enabling Email Warmup. The video below will guide you through all the necessary steps to successfully enable Email Warmup for Gmail accounts.




Recommended: Configure inbox filters

After enabling Email Warmup we recommend configuring inbox filters to keep your inbox clean. 

Setting up the filter for G-Suite accounts

  1. Login into your Gmail Account
  2. Copy the following string: amplemarketwarmupemail:
  3. Click on the icon Show Search Option on the right side of your Gmail search bar
  4. Paste the string you copied in Step 2 in the Subject field
  5. Click Create filter
  6. Enable the following actions: Skip the inbox (Archive it), Mark as read, Never send it to Spam and Always mark it as important.
  7. Click Create filter

For additional support on how to create a filters, see this Gmail's Help Center article.


Setting up the filter for Outlook accounts

  1. Login into your Outlook Account
  2. Copy the following string: amplemarketwarmupemail:
  3. Go to Mail Settings
  4. Click on the Add a condition select Subject includes and paste the string you copied on Step 2
  5. Add actions: Mark as read, Move to: Archive, Mark with importance: High

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